Monumental is America’s leading sports and entertainment business. They are a values driven business creating extraordinary experiences that inspire fans and unite the entire Washington DC community. They own leading venues and world famous teams, including the Washington Capitals, Wizards and Mystics. They’re also an esports pioneer with multiple investments in cutting edge companies including Team Liquid, the world’s most successful esports team, and Epic Games, publisher of the global phenomenon Fortnite.

However, in many respects Monumental wasn’t getting the recognition they deserved as an innovative business making a purposeful and positive contribution to society. It was time for Monumental to step into the spotlight. To do this they needed a brand positioning and communications that reflected their truly monumental nature.


‘Raise the game. Be Monumental.’ This brand positioning brings to life the truth of the Monumental business. They are an innovator. Everything they do is designed to create extraordinary experiences. They invest heavily in new technologies. They pioneer industry firsts, time and time again. All their people and all their efforts are ruthlessly focused on raising the game. They also ‘raise the game’ in the way they do business. Monumental believes in a double-bottom line philosophy – doing good business by doing good. Their commitment to making a positive impact on their community is real and the new positioning makes that commitment explicit.

As part of the new brand positioning we introduced a new visual and verbal identity, created a new website and brand anthem film, and launched a high-profile advertising campaign.

Monumental Flying Elements
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Monumental logo Monumental Image 02
Monumental Website 合约交易平台排名_货币交易所中心home

Website redesign and relaunch

To introduce Monumental’s ‘Raise the game’ brand positioning we designed a new website and launched a fully integrated media campaign featuring video, press, digital out of 合约交易平台排名_货币交易所中心home and social advertising.

The new website presents the full story of Monumental’s innovative business for the first time ever and features a simple, clean UX that allows the content to take pride of place. The ‘Dynamic dart’ and ‘Rising frame’ branded graphics help direct the users attention to headlines and create visual impact while emphasizing Monumental’s forward looking nature.

A layer of augmented information also helps communicate the rich data that the company brings to play to improve experiences for fans, players and partners.

Monumental Poster 01
Monumental Poster 02
Monumental Washington Post